Please call 651-636-4155 to schedule an appointment.


Whether you are an adult seeking counseling or a parent bringing a child or teen for evaluation, the first appointment (diagnostic interview) will be centered on learning about you and the concerns for which you are seeking services. I will take a detailed history related to current and past functioning, previous treatments, health, family and other relationships. I will also review symptoms of disorders that might co-occur with the problems you are experiencing. We will discuss confidentiality, a safety plan and other issues important to working together. I may recommend further evaluation or psychological testing to help us better understand what is going on.


When the evaluation has been completed—usually by the second or third appointment—we will discuss diagnosis (if any), treatment alternatives, potential benefits, risks and costs of treatments, and, in specific terms, how I would work with you to address your concerns and help you achieve your goals. This is so that you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to begin treatment with me.


We will also discuss whether appointments with staff at the Rosenberg Center, such as advanced practice nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, educational consultant, or even a multi-disciplinary team evaluation, is warranted.


As a psychologist, I am very interested in offering therapies that are based in research. Therefore, our work together might include such evidence-based treatments as exposure/response prevention, habit-reversal training, parent guidance, interpersonal therapy, desensitization and cognitive restructuring. While these are skill-based approaches to therapy that require practice between therapy appointments, the rewards can be tremendous.


What to Bring to the First Appointment


Parents seeking services for their children should bring copies of the Developmental History Form, Teacher Information Form, insurance cards and any copayment. Also, bring copies of any previous evaluations and copies of all report cards past and present that I can review and keep. 

Don’t forget to bring your child to the first appointment!


Adults should bring a copy of the completed Adult History Form, copies of any previous evaluations or treatments, along with insurance cards and copayment. In addition, you are encouraged to bring your spouse/partner if you so choose.


Downloadable Forms

Print, complete and bring appropriate forms to your first appointment (see "What to Bring to the First Appointment" above).

For Children

For Adults

For All